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Mia Jade

Tropical Neoprene Bracelet

Tropical Neoprene Bracelet

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Bracelet Features: 10-11mm Saltwater Pearl and Sea Sediment with 9ct Yellow Gold Borders.

The Saltwater Pearl Neoprene Bracelet is a classic design that simply rolls on and can be dressed up or down for any occasion.

  • Please note each item varies slightly due to the natural qualities of the materials.

Neoprene Bracelet Size Guide

Neoprene Bracelets: We recommend you choose a bracelet that is 1cm larger than your wrist size.

(Wrist size 17cm = Neoprene Bracelet size 18cm)

Womens Sizing:

Small - 18cm Bracelet Size

Medium - 19cm Bracelet Size

Large - 20cm Bracelet Size

Mens Sizing:

Small - 20cm Bracelet Size

Medium - 21cm Bracelet Size

Large - 22cm Bracelet Size

If we do not have your size listed please contact us with your wrist size and we will get back to you.

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